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We bring excellence in all we do!

We aspire to bring excellence in everything we do. Our journey began with years of experience with the service and hotel industry. And with years of extensive operational experience behind us, we started House of Hospitality, planning the most perfect weddings and hosting corporate events. We bring the benefit of years of experience with hospitality to all our clients. We understand the industry, the lay of the land, and every aspect of what makes successful weddings and events. To know more, click here.

We have been deeply involved with photography for a few years now. The journey with photography has been so rewarding and fulfilling, that we didn’t realise when it stopped being a hobby and started to be a full time passion that we focused on. We started Dancing Frames with the intent that every picture we take tells a story! We support multiple clients with PRODUCT, FOOD, PORTRAIT & CANDID photography. Customers today are constantly being bombarded with images and content. Your image should grab the customers attention in the first few seconds. And that’s where we come in. To know more, click here

We help our clients reach their potential business goals with the tremendous power of Digital Marketing Unleashed. We ensure that your brand reaches the audience that matters. We support our clients to create brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and get you the lead conversions that will help you get more business. To know more, click here.